I am in the process of my latest project.  “I Am A Sound Woman” album is going to be my latest collection of works.  During the past year I have been going through huge creative eruptions between increasing personal experiences.  This work is what is being creating with all of this energy and emotion.

This is a project that I will be working on over the next year.

I will be adding details here and on my social media feeds.  Please check back to see the latest or to hear a sample.

A special thank you to artist Emelie Leger for the permission to use her amazing artwork for my album cover.


The Day the Squirrel Went Berserk

Cristina Seaborn, Gerry Grider, Roland Johnson, Rick Walter, Joe Meyer

Inside the Heart of a Musician

Cristina Seaborn, Paul Imholte, Kevin Carlson

Spirit Wind

Cristina Seaborn, Malcolm Nazareth, Mike Zeleny, Guari Devi Marie L. Logan

Seaborn Breeze

Cristina Seaborn, Mugsy Lauer, Jeff Engholm, Nathan Burdick, Mike Anderson

Thank You